Monday, August 4, 2008

Michael Riley

The late indigenous photographer Michael Riley should be at the forefront of anyone with an interest in Australian art, and more specifically, urban indigenous art.
Born in 1960 in Dubbo, New South Wales, Michael moved to Sydney to take on an apprenticeship. Giving that up after a couple of years, Michael turned to his art. As well as a photographer, Michael Riley was also one of the founding artists of Boomalli in 1987, an indigenous art co-operative with a focus on urban artworks.

His range of photographs are incredible and I would encourage you to check on just two links here and here and do a Google search to find out more.

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Anonymous said...

Ta for the link my chick...I would love to do photography, have a dark room and learn to do my own developing...was always a dream of mine... funny I never told anyone and now Josef is into it...