Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wellness Wednesday

Keep your mind active!
  • Learn something new
  • Do sudoku
  • Take up knitting
  • Do crosswords
  • Play chess
  • Read
  • Take a course
  • Follow politics or current affairs
  • Interact with others
  • Volunteer
You use it, or you lose it :-)


M+B said...

Thanks for the Wednesday Wellness tips. There is some Bling on my Blog for you! An award for always having something interesting and new on your blog :-)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh not suduko...hey does blogging count? Great tip my love..x

Indigo-Daisy said...

Yes, that is my prescription for staying young, in keeping my mind active.

kyles said...

amen sista...except for the sudoku!