Tuesday, May 18, 2010

There Are Friends and Then There Are Friends

Dance dance dance :-)

The legendary David from Texas has sent me seeds - and not just any seeds - seeds from my most favorite flower in the world - Texas Bluebonnets :-). And have I met this guy before, no. Have I farmed with him - oh yes :-) The connection was made in the pixelated soil :-) My wonderful Miss Weasley sent me some a few years ago but I was living in a WA at that stage - which is very similar in weather to Texas - and in Texas these grow everywhere including along freeways and in vacant blocks - so being a responsible farm girl, I didn't plant them. Now though, I am in the sub-tropics and there is no chance of them becoming weeds here. The first seeds have been put into my little seed-raising house and will plant more each week so i have an ongoing display for the spring and summer. I'll keep you posted :-)

So very happy :-)


pita-woman said...

I've always wondered about shipping plants (even in seed form) abroad, as so many countries have rules about non-native vegetation being planted.
Can't wait to see pix of your grown flowers.

Mountaingirl said...

Australia is okay if they are commercially packaged - hand harvested gets folks edgy though. I have never thought about the specifics though from a policy point of view (eg growing these in WA instead of here)...