Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Reality Bites

I have had a good run with my back lately (relatively speaking), in fact a wee little bit of me was wondering if it might even be getting better. It isn't lol.

I spent a day "at work" yesterday. Well sitting at the computer without a break while working on a project. About 3 pm I knew I had overdone it. By 7 pm I was in a bit of trouble. By 9 pm I was in tears.

I am not sure whether I was crying more in pain or than the disappointment that when I did something "normal" it reminded me that that isn't the way it works anymore.

I am not complaining, or looking for sympathy. I have a new project and it is making my brain cells dance with joy. I am not going to give it up - I just need to manage my body and my time a bit better.

Another lesson from life learnt :-)

Photo: "at work" by emje


pita-woman said...

Ah yes, I too feel your pain (well, okay, I feel my own pains).
I'm going back to the chiropractor this afternoon for the first time in over 3 months. I have some good spells, but then a bad one comes along and brings me back to reality.

admiyo said...

Switch to a standing Desk. I have back problems from too much computer time, too. I have a standup desk at home, and My back def. appreciates it.