Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First Memory?

The big day that will include a zero is still a way off but invariably getting closer and the reflection is continuing. I think I have worked out my first memory - I think it was before I started school and we were definitely living at Buckby Road so I narrow it down to the mid 70's - possibly around the same time as the spagetti sauce - actually the two are rivals for first memory.

Anyway, there was a program on the radio that was for kids - they read stories and poems (and not the picture book variety - real stuff I remember that), taught songs that sort of thing. I don't remember any specific examples but I do remember being a little excited whenever I stumbled across the program. I don't know if it was on irregularly or whether I was too young to understand the concept of the days of the week but it appeared as an unexpected surprise rather than a regular occurrence.

What I do specifically remember was that they introduced various instruments. I recognized the trumpet with no problems but I am sure that it was here that was the first time I was consciously aware of the cello. The mellowness of the sound, the voice of the instrument spoke in a way that awoke something inside me.

Now the Argonauts ended in 72 so it wasn't that (and I am assuming it is an ABC program because there would have only been one commercial station going then (6TZ who then became GWN Radio and then RadioWest) and I can't imagine it would have been involved in a non-commercial project), and Kindergarten on the Air had long since gone and I can't find nay history of the program. I have written to the ABC to find out if they can help.

In any case, I like the idea that my first memories were of my beloved ABC, books, and possibly Italian food.

Photo: "Childhood Paradise" by ahermin

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pita-woman said...

I know where I was living and my age, but I've so many memories of that home, even though we were only there a couple of years, I'm not sure which was my earliest.