Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Purple Memories

Way back when I was a child and before computers and photocopiers (yes even the ones with black screens and fluro green or burnt orange writing that hurt your eyes - and there was only text and no pictures of course and no internet either), the Gestetner and other mimiograph machines ruled the world.

Our school had one similar to the one in the photo. The school secretary would type up the sheets (yes on a typewriter so there could be no errors) and then they would be wrapped around the barrel, the liquid applied appropriately and then the handle was cranked sending out lovely purple work sheets. AND if we had been really good in class, we got to crank the handle (one turn per sheet) instead of the teacher (yes we fell for that one for all of primary school).

I mention this because that smell wafted through my brain today. I have no idea what it was and I am quite sure we inhaled far too much to be healthy but there is something farm and fuzzy about Gestetner memories.


pita-woman said...

Ah, now there's a nostalgic moment!
Our school only had one and it was in the principal's office. Very few students ever got to use it, typically only those that worked in the office during study-hall (and yeah, I was one of THOSE students). ;)

Mountaingirl said...

he he he, the things they got away with. Mind you I have some lovely (if weird) memories so it was a fair trade in the end :-)