Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Week

I have begun to truly love Monday's - they are the beginning of the week, hanging ripe with the anticipation of all that could be; the beginning of opportunities that will mark time that is yet to come, can't be repeated and many not even arrive; a time to jump into the abyss of possibility.

I look forward to being able to contemplate what I might have learnt at the end of this random division of time; what I might have experienced; how I might have changed.

I do all of this on a smaller level at the end of each day, but a week is a better gauge of patterns, of feelings of cycles. And I know Monday is completely arbitrary but then I also consider all forms of the recording of time by humble human beings to fall in the same category so it isn't an issue for me :-)

Photo: "Possibility" by BaRain

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