Sunday, May 23, 2010

Miss Manners

I know I sound like I am 100, and some days I feel like it and even thinking about posting this proves it but it has been on my mind so I am not going to censor myself just because it might make me look foolish.

When I grew up we were taught manners - please and thank you, Mr and Mrs (or even Auntie and Uncle), kids stood for any adult on public transport that kind of thing. Now I am not talking about giving anyone power over you, or undeserved  respect, I am talking about basic manners.

To give an example, you walk past someone staring at the opposite shelf in the supermarket - well you would say "excuse me"; if someone asked you for something, they would use the word "please" and then offer a "thank you" upon receipt.

I am not perfect in doing this EVERY time but I certainly do make an effort. So what is it with the younger generation who seem to have forgotten so much of this. Okay I know that is a broad brush and I can think of a number of "my" kids who are exceptions, but (to pick on the Gen Y'ers) if you are under 25 then things are different to 'my days'.

I understand that music moves on, and language changes, fashions come and go and that sort of thing - but I do miss manners, a lot. Please and thank you makes so much of a difference ....

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