Monday, May 10, 2010

Guess Where I Went on Saturday?

What a great set up! 

The train is a must - Ron the driver is nothing short of a legend, the information played over the speakers is absolutely fascinating and it is a great way to see parts of the complex that the public can't otherwise access. 

The landscaping is stunning. Many of the plants are named (which I personally appreciated - especially when I was checking out all the different ginger plants). The water ponds are places I could have stayed at forever. The range of birdlife (including the various domesticated ones) is wonderful - keep an ear out for all the birdcalls as you walk around.

The food area is a buzz. The hot food menu isn't extensive but so very well presented and quality ingredients. I chose the very simple basket of chips with ginger aioli, with a ginger beer (yes I was on a theme). Now the chips would have to be some of the best I had ever had - crisp, hot, the inside fluffy and the vital little puff of steam when you snap them in half. The aioli wasn't what I would personally call a true aioli (you gotta know I am picky) as it had a texture closer to a tartare but please don't take that as a complaint - the taste was divine and I spent time trying (unsuccessfully) to identify all the ingredients so I can make it at home - it would be great with seafood and salads and on bread and... well :-). There is also an ice-cream shop with all the flavors of the rainbow - especially those involving ginger - including a ginger and lemon sorbet that I meant to go back to but forgot.

The shops. There is a great range of character shops stocking the full range of commercial tourist gifts through to the handmade and unique. I must admit I skipped the t-shirts and stickers in favor of flavored macadamias (the mango and chili were my two favorites). Other highlights were the spices, the handmade soap (including the one that was "rainwater" flavored) and my companions were particularly pleased with the offerings in the fudge shop.

There is also a cooking school - which I shall save for another time lol.

Now this is not a full list - I am sorry to say that the pain got a bit too much after a bit so I had to cut things short (missed all of the honey displays for one) but that just makes it an excellent excuse to go back next time lol.

And the link (the website doesn't appear to do the place justice but always convenient to have to hand)....

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