Monday, May 10, 2010

Backpackers Rejoice

Travelling on the euphemistic "fixed income" can be challenging at the best of times and this trip was possibly pushing it but sometimes a girl's gotta go what a girl's gotta do and a long drive was just what I needed.

And Melaluka Apartments solved the accommodation problem easily. It is the backpackers that is next to the white ute on the street. Wondering why I took and posted such a crappy photo? Well it is to demonstrate the distance to the beach .... see my car in the bottom right hand corner, well after I took this shot I literally crossed the road and I was in the beach carpark!

Now it is a backpackers so forget the spa and concierge but there is only 5 beds in the complex so it is nice and private, the place is REALLY clean, the bed was comfortable ... oh and did I mention I got a private room for less than $30 each night ... 100 metres from the beach in Noosa? And I got to sleep with the sound of the ocean each night.

There is no catch. And if there is 5 of you you can book the entire apartment out. I would highly recommend it and should I ever be back up that way I will certainly be staying there again :-)


pita-woman said...

Seems like forever since I've seen the ocean, and even longer since I've been on a beach... I'm thinking about 16 years since I've felt sand between my toes.
Glad you had a nice get-away, we all need a break from time to time.

On a separate note...
My curiousity is piqued about the "shit happens" blog you removed.

Mountaingirl said...

lol A "someone" had implied that I because I hadn't experienced a situation personally I couldn't relate to what another person was going through. I posted it because it was one of the thing is have kept to myself over the years. I took it down because I knew I was pissed at life when I posted it and that wasn't fair to the personal involved in the posting - they had been through enough and didn't deserve it.I didn't even realize someone had seen it :-)