Sunday, May 23, 2010

I Had A Win In the Kitchen

Well two actually.

On Friday night I needed to make an apple sauce to accompany my pork chop and twice baked potato. I combined apple puree (granny smith of course), ginger and white wine vinegar. Okay the ginger might be optional but otherwise it is a standard recipe and one I have made a million times. This time though, I got the proportions so perfect it felt like there was champagne bubbles in my mouth when I tasted it. It zinged!

Yesterday I made some hummus to go with my Italian bread. Again it was the recipe I always use (chick peas, garlic, lemon juice, tahini, olive oil) but I just jagged it more right than I ever have before. It sounds like something Nigella would say but I could almost feel a rainbow of flavors moving through my mouth - each ingredient being focussed, melding with the next - different flavors appearing in different places on my palette. Now I don't like the supermarket varieties at the best of time - they have no real flavor profile - which is why I make my own but this just blew me away.

Now both of these cooking triumphs won't be repeated - they are not real recipes - just a combination of ingredients that you mix and blend. But I do have some more hummus to enjoy - and I took a photo so I will never forget the joy :-)

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