Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Parcel

"I am going to send you a present"

"You don't have to do that"

"I am not doing it because I have to" (laughs)

"That's not what I meant"

"I know. So what present do you want?"

(aaah) "I don't want anything"

"Everyone wants something"

"Not me"

"Okay let me think - books, too easy. Jewelery, not you.

"You don't have to do this you know"

"We have been through that. Lingerie, na, you wouldn't wear it. A painting, no your walls are full"

"Are you finished yet?"

"Not till you tell me what you want"

"I have no idea"

"Yes you do, you juts don't know it yet. Plants, well you like your garden so that is a good idea, and you have some inside plants too. A food hamper - no you can cook better than anything I can buy"

"What if I did have a little idea"

"Well ...." (silence)

"I do want one thing, maybe"

"Finally" (laughs)

"I want to be loved"

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Megan Bayliss said...

Oh, touche! You have captured that brilliantly - the gift that everybody wants is unconditional love.

I really like how the dialogue painted the character - the giver told the readers all about the would be receiver through a process of elimination.

See you tomorrow - would you like to choose one of your pics as the prompt? Choose one that you love. Email it to me.