Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Travel Dreams

I have some obvious travel plans - to get back to Dallas asap (with a detour via Alabama).

I have some dream travel plans - to tour Italy and learn regional cooking for mammas (just like everyone else I know, sigh ....).

And now I have a travel-for-the-sake-of-travel plan - to Tanzania. I want to go to look and experience and take photos. Between Kilimanjaro and the landscape and the animals and the light and the people and the culture and the colors, I think I could amuse myself quite happily for a few weeks.

Top picks would include a visit to Zanzibar, sighting the mountain (although as I am dreaming I may as well plan on climbing it), checking out the rock art, maybe swinging by the Ngorongoro Crater to see an animal or two and a wander around the delightful Dar Es Salaam.

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pita-woman said...

We all must dream, so dream big!

Speaking of travels... I'll be working on getting your virtual vacation posted today. There are so many photos (and my computer is slow), so it may take 'til tomorrow. Since my camera died & I've not had the funds to purchase a new one, your virtual-vacation was cut short, my sincere apologies! I'll let you know when I've finished posting it.