Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bring Back The Yumbo

Way back in the days when the dinosaurs roamed the earth (or about 25 years ago) Hungry Jacks made the Yumbo - a delicious combination of shaved ham and plastic cheese that had been melted until it was gooey. All in a Bacon Deluxe bun.

Okay delicious might be taking it a bit too far, and it did come in a styrofoam container but it is funny how some things stick in your mind. And I do confess that for a day this week I was thinking it came with pineapple before I got the memory straight.

So it wasn't gourmet, but I would love to have a Yumbo again (and don't suggest I make my own - I want an original). Bring back the Yumbo :-)


kyles said...

It must have been a WA thing...I've never heard of a yumbo????

pita-woman said...

Your Hungry Jacks logo looks identical to the Burger King logo here in the USA. Over here, Hungry Jack is a brand of refrigerated biscuits.