Saturday, July 24, 2010

By Way of Explanation

The last year has been a tough one. I live in chronic pain that is spreading. My mobility is compromised. I am socially isolated. I am living on a budget with no fat - and none of that is due to change any time soon. I am not complaining, I am just explaining my absence over the past couple of weeks.

Most days I can put a happy spin on it all but recently I have run out of energy to do so. I have been to see my doctor and we have a plan that is in the process of being implemented but I have been struggling.

I haven't wanted to complain so I haven't blogged - but I have been thinking, always thinking so I have a lot to catch up on.

Image: "Tulip VII" by WindyLife

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pita-woman said...

Glad you're back. Sorry you're in such pain, I know how much it sucks!! Hope the plan the doc has does you some good.