Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Some People Are Idiots

I was sitting at the doctors happily reading my Wuthering Heights when I began to listen to the conversation occurring behind me. Now the women were speaking in a voice designed to be overheard so I can't be accused of eavesdropping.

It was an interesting conversation about an email received by one of the women that was doing the rounds. In this email there was "evidence" that Muslims were out to take over Australia and that no other religious persuasions would be tolerated - we would all be in burqas. In addition, there was "evidence" that all Muslins (men and women) were paedophiles with young children "and even babies" (her voice got louder at this point so the entire surgery could hear) and this was not only tolerated but encouraged by the Koran as an essential part of the Muslim faith.

My blood pressure was rising and I could take no more. In my most polite and sweetest manner I turned around and in a voice that was firm pointed out that what she was talking about was complete an utter crap and it was very clear that she didn't have a clue what she was talking about. She insisted that because it was in a mass email it must be true. I pointed out that, even if some individuals of the faith believed what she was saying, it was not a commonly held one. Certain sects of any belief system could take off on a tangent and that was not representative of the whole. I mentioned George W and his war crimes while professing his faith, about fundamentalist Christians that blow up abortion clinics, as well as the ever popular Oklahoma bomber (another passionate Christian) that included a child care centre in his destruction. I mentioned that while these people may be purporting to represent the Christian faith their actions and ideals would not be supported by the whole. I continued on some more. I suggested that if she insisted on displaying her ignorance and circulating the email further she add a line at the top "this has been sent to me, I have no idea if it is true or not but I am sending on to perpetuate a myth in our community and further stereotype a section of the community that I know nothing about".

She laughed and said she was only joking and hoped I hadn't taken it personally.

I turned around and went back to my book.

I have no idea what she did with the email but if anyone does get it, bin it and then address the person who sent it to you. Ignorance is no defense when slanderous tripe like this is being perpetuated.

Image: "Nawal and Bator" by Susan Dirgham


kyles said...

I find it really hard to pull people up, I'm a chicken and usually just delete these emails, hopefully one day I'll grow up and be brave enough to challenge like you do x

pita-woman said...

Ditto what Kyles said.

And what kind of idiot believes everything that comes their way in an email, mass-mailing or not?

pita-woman said...

did you ever get a chance to take a look at your "virtual vacation"??