Sunday, July 4, 2010

Color Me In

I have worn black for years. I like black. I like not having to think about what to wear each morning - it all co-ordinates. I am not in morning, nor am I making any statement on the world. I just like black and it is functional.

Little Miss M does not agree with me. She wants to wear rainbows - all day, every day.

She notices the flowers and confirms that one color can really go with another no matter what else she is told. She looks at gardens and notices the abundance of shades and contrasts and the beauty that results. She walks the park and tries to count how many different kinds of green she can see, and how many shades there are. She watches and sunsets and again confirms that colors that others think clash, don't. She is happy to wear checks and dots and stripes together (she tells me she is not a "shapist" and there is room for all kinds).

Her favorite shoes are red. Her favorite wellingtons, purple with yellow daisies. her favorite socks come above her knees and are striped with the colors of the rainbow.

She has a beige sweater given to her by a well-meaning grandmother. She wears it covered in buttons or scarves or bows (now everyone will notice it she tells me confidently.

Yess, my Little Miss M is a walking rainbow, and if there is every any doubt, you can just look at her smile.

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Julie G said...

It does not matter what part of life children relish in, as long as they relish for themselves. I have enjoyed watching the kids in my life grow into their own, especially through clothes.

You captured this essence beautifully, MG.