Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More Chicken Bits

It is all too hard! Well no it isn't, it is all just giving my brain a workout. I have a response back from Lilydale and they have assured me that their fertilizer and bedding are all recycled into fertilizer.

That is all good but somehow it isn't good enough. So I now have a two pronged plan - if I need to get some chicken for something (say the birthday dinner party) I will get Lilydale.

Part 2 of the plan is to find someone with a chook pen that I can chuck a couple in every now and then and raise them for me in exchange for a fee (I don't have the land or mobility to keep my own chickens). Then it will just be a matter of chopping their heads off (I can do that) and dressing them (I can do that too). I haven't found anyone with a pen yet, and I haven't found where to buy the birds so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I have discovered that the world keeps turning if I don't eat chicken.

1 comment:

pita-woman said...

Eek! Even with my fear of birds, I couldn't bring myself to chop or wring the neck of a chicken.