Sunday, July 4, 2010

It's Back!

I have just been doing the dishes, contemplating the world as I do and I realize I haven't done the $21 Challenge for a while. Okay my first thought was that I need to do some shopping "just for a couple of things" before I started but that defeats the purpose. Then I contemplated my freezer and realized that to make this a real challenge (there is only one of me after all) I need to do this over a fortnight.

So, I will be heading down to the hole-in-the-wall shortly to get my $20, raiding the purse for an extra dollar and I am set. Yes, I know the supermarket has a minimum purchase of $10 for eftpos purchase which is the only way I shop ans as such I rarely carry any cash at all anymore so I am closing that loophole. I know me - at some point I will buy something "for next fortnight" just to round up the figure - and then I might just just it lol.

I will keep you posted :-)

Image: "Coins" by lubroz

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