Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 7 and 8 Reports

Okay I have been buying stuff. I would like to say I had to, but no, I didn't need to, I just wanted to. I have been thinking about the expenditure - should I really be including the total bill or just to portion that I have used. Take the honey for example, there is no way I can use 1 kg of honey over the time of the challenge - or even over a few months, so to be accurate, the cost should be reflective of the amount I actually use. Is this a loophole or a reality, not really sure. In any case the full $10 is still included in the total expenditure.

Day 6 Brunch: Vegetarian Pastie (homemade) with extra vegetables

Dinner: Mushroom Pizza (homemade) (97c for the mushrooms)

Now I always insist that my pizza are the best ones I have ever tasted - and as I am dealing with my tastebuds I must be right. Actually I have never made one for someone else, so you will just have to take my word for it. It is based on a pizza bianca but there are obviously variations sometimes. Usually I make a really thin base (2 C flour mixed with 3/4 C warm water that has had a sachet of yeast activated with a  little sugar for food, and 1 T olive oil kneaded and allowed to prove before being kneaded again and rolled out) with a garlic and evoo base with cheese and maybe tomato. This time I left the bases a little thicker (about1/4"), topped with the usual evoo and garlic, cheese and then mushrooms. They were drool-worthy! Crispy bottom, fluffy inside with juicy galic-y mushrooms on top. Definitely going to be made again :-)

Day 8 Brunch: Pumpkin and Chickpea stew with bread roll ($1.70 for the bread roll)

Dinner: Massaman Beef Curry with green vegetables and rice ($1.84 for the coconut milk, $1.76 for the vegetables and $1.32 for the rice)

Total expenditure so far $18.87

Image: "Coins" by lubroz

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