Sunday, July 25, 2010

$21 Challenge - Final Update

My last update was Monday 12 July and that was for Days 7 and 8 - I last through to the Thursday 15 July which means I completed 11 (and a half) days on spending less than $21 on food.

To be honest, if you look at the pantry and the freezer, I could have done another week but my craving for tomato and onion sandwiches were my undoing. And to be honest, with the exception of a cup of soup, that is all I have eaten for the past two weeks - sometimes with cheese, sometimes with chillis, sometimes with Ranch dressing but always with lots of tomato and Spanish onion. Don't ask me to explain, I can't. And yes I am brushing my teeth a whole lot :-)

So I will have to try again for the full 14 days another time :-)

Image: "Coins" by lubroz

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