Thursday, September 27, 2007

To Die For A Cause

It is with trepidation that I have been listening to the radio today - just waiting for the troops in Burma to open fire.

I have come to work tonight somewhat 'relieved' that monks have 'only' been bashed and/or carted away. What relief there was in this has gone with the ABC reporting that the worst has begun

Reports from Burma say at least three monks and a civilian have been killed by security forces in a crackdown on anti-government protests.
A source from inside the military says two monks were beaten to
death, while another was shot as he tried to wrestle a gun away from a soldier. Soldiers have released tear gas in various parts of the city of Rangoon and a western diplomat says up to 300 people have been arrested, including about 100 monks.
Buddhist monks have been leading peaceful street marches for the
past nine days in the biggest pro-democracy demonstration since 1988. The military junta used force to put down that uprising, killing about 3,000 people.

Tears are an immediate reaction to the situation.

I know that death and destruction are ravaging a lot of our world - not the least in Darfur and Iraq. My tears are for Burma and for all of those facing atrocities and other forms of injustice.

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Gale said...

oh god, this is awful, I havnt checked the news this death is to many...

It's all so wrong, when I finish this book R. have a read. It explains the tactics of shock on a people, culture, country...

When you see it in an ecomonic context, Its not only wrong, it is planned and it is evil...

Gotta go check the news