Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Thinking About Thinking

On my current list of Things To Do Before I Die there are two university courses I want to do - a degree in each of philosophy and English lit.

Now the cost of higher education is prohibitive at the best of times - not to mention these courses would just be hobbies. Oh and I live in a regional area so I would assume that they wouldn't be available locally.

Anyway, on my fabulous Radio National they have a program called "The Philosophers Zone" and it has just occurred to me - why don't I just go out and learn philosophy! Okay a uni course would be a great structure but I have a new 'thought' each week (thank you Alan Saunders) - which is researched and argued comprehensively. I could take that, do some extra reading, find some like minded people and .... well I have the rest of my life :-)

So if you ever want to chat about thinking about thinking, then I am your girl :-)

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Gale said...

So over the cost of Uni...god i remember the good old days when an education was free, and was every Australias 'right'...I think you would be brilliant at something like that...Josef did philosophy this semester, It is so wonderful for me to see his young mind considering things besides, surf girls & the snow...laugh

You go girl!