Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Latest Kitchen Creations

I tried something a bit new for dinner last night.

I grated a big serve of haloumi and mixed it with a handful of finely chopped fresh parsley. I then added an onion and a generous serve of mushrooms that I had softened over low heat with a little butter and then allowed to cool. A twist or four of black pepper and then mix thoroughly. I then poured this onto prepared filo sheets (about six - wet with water not butter), tucked it up like a king size spring roll and baked in a hot over until the top went golden.

This was served with a fancy lettuce, cherry tomato and cucumber salad.

Surprisingly the haloumi melted (and was very stretchy) which was fun as well as tasty. The flavors blended superbly. Definitely a keeper! The young people christened it a "Tropical Mushroom Delight", I called it "Mushroom and Haloumi Roll". Either way I am making it again :-)

I had enough for dinner and breakfast.

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