Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Taking A Stand

Getting riled about various issues is easy. Talking a stand is harder. Especially when you life is literally on the line.

I have been following the protests by the monks in Burma. The started over a week ago. A peaceful protest over the ruling military junta. They expressly asked for the regular population not to join them for fear that the military would open fire and innocents would be killed.

This request has been ignored and thousand upon thousands are not only marching, but are protecting the monks as they walk. You just have to know that the junta won't put up with this for much longer and people are going to die - and perhaps worse.

It sounds glib to say I admire the integrity of each and every individual marcher but words are all I have.

I think of Nanushka (Nan Whitcomb) and her poem (doing my best to remember the words) "There are many causes for which I would die but none for which I would kill".

Whatever your form of prayer is, please add the marchers of Burma, their families and their friends, to your list today.

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Gale said...

It's an incredible sight, I heard on the radio that Australia and England are calling for restraint from the mitlitary junta, but Im praying so hard for these men of peace...

it so reminds me of tianamen square..