Saturday, September 29, 2007

Quick and Easy Tortellini

Another tragedy has befallen my household - I couldn't buy gnocchi today. Obviously having gnocchi for dinner is a thought that has occurred to others this weekend because neither of my local food stores had any in stock. Sigh ... I couldn't get any of the right potatoes so making my own wasn't an option ....

It proved very difficult to come up with something I felt like eating so this is the throw together I ended up with. I bought (yes I didn't make it, shows you how slack I am today) some spinach and cheese tortellini. I made a white wine and cream sauce - chucked in some mushrooms, cheese and English spinach. Topped with cracked black pepper. Ten minutes from start to finish :-)

Maybe not the healthiest dish I have ever created but it didn't taste half bad :-)

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