Thursday, September 20, 2007

Graduation Day

Today one of our young people graduated. I volunteered to make a cake and was given the brief of a very chocolate cake.

I didn't have all of the time I would have found to be ideal but this was the end product. I got 11 different sorts of chocolate or chocolate products into the finished creation. I did kinda stress myself out a wee little bit - I wanted it be be perfect and I was on a bit of a tight deadline, but I must admit I really enjoyed the process overall - I have been planning this cake for 10 weeks! And yes if I had've had more time it would have been perfect blah blah blah :-)

And no I am not a big chocolate fan so I have no idea what it tasted like - but it was all eaten :-)

You can see in the background I also had a pizza production line going - 6 pizzas, two stuffed crust, thee ham and pineapple (apparently they scored a 9 out of 10!), three barbecue meatlovers and one vegetarian (had a pesto and spicy eggplant chutney base and was topped with olives, haloumi and feta).


Gale said...

Mmmmm...reminds me of a certain cake for W. havent shown bell yet, cause for sure she will be lining up for

Would you believe she ordered a mousse tonight and they surved it in triangular plastic..yuk cost 7.95 for the pleasure

Mountaingirl said...

The chocolate balls are definitely a result of Miss W's cake! But this one didn't fall apart! My three layers of triple choc fudge brownies all came out perfectly :-)

Tell Bella to send it back next time cos I am real sure if they are serving it like that then it is a packet one - and for under a dollar you can make enough to serve 4! I will make a real mousse when we can get our schedules working :-)

kyles said...

chocolate cake...??? 3 layer triple choc fudge brownies...??? Good thing I wasn't at work, I might had to succumb and put myself in A& looks seriously fab! Maybe when we are all back on track we can have another girls night and dollop some mousse on a slice of that cake!!! I'm guessing there ain't a WW version!!!

kyles said...

...and pizza's as well? Is there no end to your talent? I remember Tony's Mum used to make a pizza base out of mashed potato, it was yum, will try and find the recipe again... nothing tastes better than a homecooked pizza (just don't tell my first born that, he's bought into the Domino's dream)

Mountaingirl said...

That's why I was so pleased with the 9 out of 10 score - a teenager - commercial pizza v mine and I score a 9!!!! Will wonders ever cease?

Dana Marie said...

Egad, that looks delish! *gasp* That would not last long in my house, between my son and wouldn't have a chance. ;)

~ Dana Marie

P.S. Thank you stopping by and thank you for adding thoughtful post! :)