Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Asparagus Days

Spring is in full swing and right now there is only one real thing on my mind - asparagus. Specifically, new season, Australian asparagus. Any day now it will hit the stores :-)

I absolutely adore asparagus but usually only buy it when it is fresh and in season. Admittedly I do buy one or two bunches of the imported (did I say that?) product to get me over winter derth but oh, waiting for the blessing of spring for real asparagus.

Now I know that when I get my first bunch I will blanch it for maybe 30 seconds and include it in a green salad but then the options branch out considerably. It is delightful in a stir fry, there is asparagus served with a plethora of sauce varieties, asparagus and eggs (who needs soldiers - or even tucked into an omelette), a million funky salads (what about with feta and green peas or crispy haloumi and roasted tomatoes), asparagus roll-ups, asparagus soups...

Will I make it through all of the possibilities? All I know is that I shall certainly do my best :-)

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Gale said...

my favourite...i noticed at the nursery they had about 10 in pots just starting to sprout...we mainly used as a vegie steamed..the kids dont like so i get to eat all theres to...my italian mother in law had a long tube pot especially for cooking asparagus...just steamed with butter and im a happy girl