Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I love jasmine. The beautiful simplicity of the flowers, the combination of he darkest green foliage through to the delicate pinks and then the creamiest of whites. But most of all I love the fragrance.

When I came looking for the house I now live in I was followed by the fragrance - it came to me in dreams and at the weirdest moments. Now that I am here I understand. My neighbor has a jasmine out the front of her house - and I am sure she must have one out the back - so at this time of the year I feel I am swathed in jasmine.

It is through the lounge and my bedroom, it wafts through the bathroom. It is everywhere and I am in heaven :-)

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Gale said...

Aren't the smells of spring gorgeous, My house to is full of the smell of jasmine, what a knock out scent for such a tiny flower...ive planted gardenias at my bedroom also..

In all the homes ive lived in, and shrubs Ive planted Ive always gone for scented varietys...thats why Im not a huge fan of natives...