Sunday, September 30, 2007

Global Carnival Time

Yes the Global Carnival has hit Bellingen.

Now as I have been 'recovering' from night shift I haven't headed down there yet but I have the schedule so I am planning to spend an hour or two there today.

Nonetheless I must confess to spending time on the front porch yesterday listening to the concert being held as part of the festival. An eclectic mix of music that was absolutely incredible.

As well as the live concerts (Irish, Polynesian, you name it) there is a amazing range of circus performers, a Dharma tent (including meditation, mandalas and chanting), a comprehensive children's program and a candle procession.

I have also noted the flood of visitors to town - a more colorful group you will never see! There are tie dyes and rainbows and dreadlocks and peaceful, happy people! For those who think hippy-dom is dead, just swing by here and prove yourself wrong. It is a very very place to be.

I must confess that I didn't really appreciate how awesome the carnival actually was and next year I will be getting a weekend pass and camping on the oval with what seems like thousands of others.

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