Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Studying Hard or Treating Me

I was having new carpet laid in my hallway today and as that means I wouldn't have access to the computer or the bathroom (and I dislike being in the house when people are working there) I took myself out.

I say upfront I was heading for the library (free of charge which suits my current circumstances) to sit and do some study but you can imagine my dismay when I got there at 8.30 am only to discover that it didn't open until10.30 am. What to do, what to do?

Taking $20 out of my "Fly me to America" fund I headed for the local cafe "Lodge 241". And when I say local, I mean this is about 100 m from my house. Not that I have been there before because it is too far for me to walk to and too short a distance to drive. Okay I don't have an excuse that covers the entire past three years but that one works for now. But as today fell into the "special circumstances" category, and as I was already in the car, to the Lodge I went.
Here I dined on ricotta hotcakes with banana, bacon and REAL maple syrup, along with 3 coffees (long blacks). Delicious all round. Okay I had the three coffees over the three hours I spent there so don't think I was just buzzing.
And you know I was studying hard (one exam outline done, 2 study questions finished) because I didn't even take a photo of my food!
So good I think I might even see if Ic an budget to do this regularly - a treat for me as well as being very productive.

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pita-woman said...

ricotta hotcakes? is that ricotta, as in CHEESE?