Friday, September 25, 2009

Dance Dance Dance

Some 7 weeks ago I was trying to organise some home-help (vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, the things I can't do) for myself. It all started off very smoothly. Fast forward to two days ago, and 12 offices (and who knows how many phone calls) later I was told I was eligible but there was no government funding - I would have to wait until at least next May and the next federal budget (or if someone dropped off their books due to their death or moving into care).

Aaaah! I haven't had any help since the end of June and it was all a bit too much. Yes I had already rung Members of Parliament so I was putting together a media campaign to fix this problem (surely others were in the same position as I was).

Then at 9.30 this morning I got a call from one of the agencies who apologised for the mix-up and announced that they had found a place for me on their books. I have just now had a call from the local office and someone will be out on Monday morning to bring me the paperwork, discuss the details and get me on the roster.

How this happened (I got a bit sidetracked and hadn't started making my calls) I have no idea. Is it a miracle or is the universe lining up for me? No idea.

All I know is that now is the time to dance :-)

Photo: "dance like nobody's watching" by Rock-Angel

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Welshcakes Limoncello said...

"The lord helps those who help themselves". I think you should continue with your campaign, mg, as it could help others. I'm glad the situation is sorted out for you.