Saturday, September 26, 2009

Modern Day ICE

After my 'moment' this week I realised that I needed to update my ICE (In Case of Emergency)details - Miss Weasley's phone number is still in my phone directory for one and she has been out of the country for a couple of years now.

One thing that does make me wonder is what to do with my passwords (for blog, email, banking and the like)?
I thought I could email them to someone but should their email get hacked (unlikely but possible) all of my personal details are out there for whoever. I considered writing them down and putting them in an envelope labelled 'open only in an emergency' but again if the house gets broken into it all of my details are available to all. I could go to the extent of getting a locked box in the bank but surely that is going overboard a bit.
Any ideas?
BTW does everyone know about the recommendation to add an entry to their mobile/cell directory entitled ICE with the appropriate phone number? Very handy for ambos, police or whoever.

Photo: "secure area" by nsa

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pita-woman said...

I know about ICE, and initially listed my family that way, but hated ICE John popping up when I'd get his incoming calls, just sounded cold... (pun intended). Instead I list my husband and parents as MY HUSBAND and MY MOM/DAD, MY SISTER...
No good suggestions for the passwords. Even if you gave them to a trusted friend, what's to say you wouldn't have a falling out & they'd turn on you? That is a tough one.