Sunday, September 6, 2009

Asparagus Musings

One of the advantages of the arrival of spring is fresh, local asparagus.

Now I usually expect to be able to make my first purchase in about the second week of September but as spring sprang early this year I have started my search. I can buy asparagus from the US and Peru (I didn't even know we imported things from Peru) but none from Australia - let alone anything from within my 100 mile zone of preference.

Sigh ....

And did I mention I even have an asparagus peeler (bought for $2 from a garage sale) that is ready to go?


kyles said...

.....should i mention that not only am i a new convert to asparagus... not that i know what fresh tastes like, but also that i have been wandering past our patch munching on fresh shoots for about two weeks, never get enough for a meal cause we eat it within seconds of picking...i guess thats as fresh as it gets!

Mountaingirl said...

sigh ... so very jealous :-)