Monday, September 28, 2009

Beowulf, Buddhism and Bliss

Have I said before that I am loving my study. My brain cells are tingling and dancing and turning cartwheels.

Admittedly last term was a bit of a write-off (except for my assignment that I got 84% for - not bad since I haven't studied for 10+ years) what with all of the changes that were happening but I wasn't going to be deterred.

I am loving the challenge of extending myself. I am loving the challenge of thinking. I am loving the challenge of going places I wouldn't have chosen to by myself.

I spent three hours at a cafe today - sitting at a big bench under an oak tree, drinking coffee and doing my Beowulf stuff. Tomorrow I am going back to rading about Buddhist theory. My exam and assignment (both due on Friday) will be in on time and neither will be a first draft.

I have been saying since I started that I am doing this for fun. While I would certainly like to pass, it is not my aim to get 100% on everything. And finally I am beginning to believe it, to sit back and enjoy the journey that this path is taking me on.

Photo: "books and green tea" by suziqhorrorshow

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SMG said...

Ah the eternal truth - "stimulation feels good"!