Monday, September 21, 2009

For the Kewl Kids

Guido Daniele is the artist behind these pictures. He takes 3 - 4 hours to do each one and often uses the hands of his children as his palette. :-) I have a heap more (including a Dalmation) so I will post them on Sunday for you :-)


Alison said...

Oh KEWL!!! MG these are awesome!!! How bright and vibrant is that first one??!! LOVE it!!
Thanks for thinking of us - can't wait til Sunday now! :-)

Sally said...

Thanks for sharing these - just wonderful!
I'll be coming back tomorrow to show my young son - he is going to be so amazed by them.

Mountaingirl said...

It's my pleasure Al - I even have a file on the computer just for interesting photos the kids might find interesting - and I will try to post every Sunday so I can start using them :-)

And thanks Sally - hope your son liked them. How old is he?