Wednesday, September 9, 2009


It has been five months since my garden (the whole 2 square metres) had any attention - despite offering generous payment for assistance. It was the middle of June since I was last able to have my home-help come by and do the floors.

None of it has been a big deal in the context of the whole world but it has been playing on my mind - especially as I have an inspection by the real estate agent coming up next Monday.

Then the magnificent Abz swept in. The garden has been weeded and the soil turned. My cobwebs have been eradicated. The kitchen floor has been swept. She is coming back on Sunday to vaccum and plant my new plants.

And during all of that she inisisted that I just sit and chat while she went about her business (not that I would have been able to do much anyway).

It was all topped off when she picked some flowers and brought them inside.

I feel so loved and nurtured. I am beginning to learn to receive as well as to give. Dance dance dance :-)

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Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Sometimes we just need someone, don't we? As you say, when someone wants to cosset you, it is best to let them. I can identify with how the flowers made you feel.