Monday, September 14, 2009

Nighttime Munchings

Next to my house is a grass strip which possibly could be a driveway for the house at the rear of the block next door. They access their by car place using a back lane so it is just used it was a walkway. Now I have never met these people. I know there is at least a woman and a man and a baby. There is often other people and children walking down the little alley and I have seen a total of at least five dogs and two cats. Now I am not sure that all of these people and animals live there - in fact I am sure they don't - they just randomly show up (okay the people are visitors but as the appearance of the dogs and cats don't appear to correlate with any of the visits).

What mystifies me is that between 10 pm and midnight each night something comes to the grassed lane-way and eats ... well grass. I can hear the grass being torn from the remaining stalks as each mouthful is taken. I have a big bamboo screen so, short of pulling out a torch and having a good gawk, I have no idea what this animal is. My first guess some months ago was a sheep but there is no other evidence of the animal existing on the property.

Even if I consider the possibility of native animals it doesn't get me much further - you can hear kangaroos come and go so it definitely isn't one of those, do wombats eat grass (and do they live in my area), what else if big enough to take significant mouthfuls?

The whole thing has me puzzled ....

Photo: "Night-walker" by Mon-artifice

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