Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Season for Everything

Okay so it has unofficially been spring for a few weeks now but I have got over my angst at the early passing of my beloved winter and am now beginning to enjoy the magic of the new season.

I am continually being blessed with the sounds of songbirds (and a few that just make weird noises), the croaking of frogs (I don't know where they go in winter but they are back now), a chorus of crickets and all that is wrapped in the scent of jasmine which is flowering in abundance next door.

Okay so I know it is all a bit purple but at least I didn't start on the flowers that are blooming, the sun that is shining and the gentle afternoon breezes lol.

And yes, it is all balanced with a lack of rain and an increased risk of bushfires. Let's hope the rain comes and diminishes that risk sooner rather than later.

Art: "Spring Breeze" by m0thyyku

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