Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Green Soup x 2

Following the joy of the orange soup I have now been investigating green - and I have come up with two alternatives that are making my tastebuds zing.

Two Pea Soup
1 packet of green split peas cooked in vege stock until some are mushy and some are still whole.
1kg peas, blanched and pureed.
Combine and season to taste. I did originally intend to add extra spices and flavorings (and I might still do that next time) but the combination of the earthy nutiness of the split peas, combined with the fresh sweetness of the fresh peas .... divine!

Broccoli Soup
Steamed broccoli pureed and mixed with vege stock until the desired thickness (or thinness is achieved). Add nutmeg and season to taste. Swirl through a little cream or sour cream when serving. I served it with toasted turkish bread.

Can you tell I am in soup-y heaven :-)

Image: "Royal Green" by DemonMathiel

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