Monday, June 28, 2010

Warm Toes, Warm Heart

I had a visit from the wonderful Ms K yesterday. As she came through the door she handled me a parcel and announced it was my present. Now I was expecting a small part for a plumbing repair and somehow just assumed that she (or one of her sons) had wrapped in many layers of newspaper a la pass the parcel. By the time I had started unwrapping I realised I was way off and this was a REAL present - yes I have a wonderful beanie, bed slippers and gauntlets. Oh dance dance dance :-) And yes she made them all herself - and had even blogged them (not that I had a clue they were coming my way. Oh I am so blessed - with friends and beautiful things to keep me warm. Sigh - happy womblette :-)


pita-woman said...

They look comfy and toasty-warm!

Mountaingirl said...

Oh they are! It is heaven :-)

kyles said...

grins...oh MG, I did enjoy seeing you wearing the beanie when you dropped into work yesterday, now to find you blogged it as well! So glad you liked them, hope they keep you toasty warm xo