Friday, June 11, 2010

Playing Around

When I submitted my play some weeks ago I was happy with it, but knew I would always be tweaking it to make it "perfect". I was never presumptuous enough to think it might win but I was glad I had met the challenge I set for myself. The Fellowship had advised that only the shortlisted people would be notified due to the volume of entries so I set it free and moved on.

And then on the radio last night I heard them say that the judges were still reading through the submissions and the shortlist would come out sometimes in August.

My heart did a little skip, I was still in with a chance. I laughed at myself. For all of my conversations about "just giving it a go", I did/do have a secret desire (however presumptuous) for success.

Sigh ....

Image: stage" by FriX1981


pita-woman said...

Oh waaay cool. When it becomes a big-time success on Broadway, I can say I knew the play-write (if only in cyber-space) back in her humble beginnings. ;)
Good Luck!!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Good luck, mg!

Mountaingirl said...

he he he :-) Thanks folks.