Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wants and Needs

I have found a product I want, and I mean I really want it. I have a perfectly functional version of the product at home and my budget certainly doesn't stretch to the hundreds of dollars needs for this want.

For the past few days I continue to sit myself down and explain the difference between a 'want' and a 'need'. I explain that I am a Lentil Clubber. I explain that I am not materialistic and this item would make no real difference to the quality of my life. I explain that this item is really not part of my life philosophy anyway.

All are very good arguments but I still find myself wanting it. I research the net to check if there is a cheaper way to acquire one - there isn't. I search out products with similar criteria but a lower price - it doesn't matter I want that one.

This is a really new experience for me. I would like to blame this on the tv but this isn't a product that is advertised on tv, or at least not that I have seen. I kinda feel like the kid in the toy store just before they throw the "I WANT" tantrum (although I am hoping it doesn't get that far).

And I can't even explain why I really want it, I just do.

Image: "Think A Desire" by Mechtaniya


pita-woman said...

Do we dare ask what it is you want?
A new appliance for the kitchen perhaps??

Mountaingirl said...

No - I could live with this urge if it was something I could justify as being useful, a mobile phone with a qwerty keyboard. I broke mine and I have a wonderful replacement with all of the functionality of the broken one, but no keyboard. Yes I know it is kinda pathetic lol :-(