Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Oh What A Night!

Oh what a night - it will go down in history. Okay I can't remember too much of it but that is what it is all about. We all went out to the Top Pub - it was Friday and Thommo had something to celebrate - no idea what it is now - be he shouted a round or two because of it so it must have been good. I have no idea how much I drank - I stopped counting after five jugs - I was going for the record I set the night when I finished school.

Oh what a night! I had got my promotion, and Kelly let me know she was preggers. Okay the second bit knocked me for six to start with but, to hell with it, I would make a great dad - I could teach him how to play cricket and drive and .... well I would be a great dad. I met the boys at the Top Pub like we agreed, I even shouted a few rounds - just beer mind you. Didn't stay for long, I promised Kelly.

Oh what a night - well at least that is what Johnno said when he woke up this morning. I think that was before he realized he had slept on the concrete floor - last night he figured he wouldn't fall out of bed if he slept there - and we were in the lockup. And that was before he realized he would need to call Maureen and ask her to come and bail him out. Me, I can make bail - and have no one to call anyway.

Oh what a night! I was meant to be skipper, that's why I was invited - I mean why else would you invite a sheila to a boys night out - but after the fight my services were "no longer required" as the sergeant said. And I spent the night drinking orange juice too - should have added some vodka and had a night of my own like the guy behind the bar said!

Oh what a night! I hate working Friday nights. The Pub is meant to be the ok but I think the roughies from the Federal are coming up here. So tonight there was only the two fights - I managed one, had to call Snowy in to break up the other, we lost 18 glasses during that one - some were broken in the mellee, one was used as a weapon. I hate cleaning up glass - you always worry about missing a piece. Oh what a night!

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Julie G said...

Wow, I like how you have written the different perspectives.

How for a moment I got a snippet into their lives.

Excellent, MG :)

Mountaingirl said...

Thanks Julie, I am trying to improve my writing, to try new things so the feedback is really appreciated :-)

Megan Bayliss said...

Multiple perspectives is an interesting, and not very common, way to write.

Given there are multiple truths I wonder why we don't write in a multiple perspective more often.

I read somewhere recently about a newly released book, tipped to be a best seller, that is co written and presents two perspectives of teen school life. I'm keen to read it.

Good for you for trying a new style. I'm up for new and experimental ways of writing so I will have a go too. Maybe I could create a character with Dissociative Identity Disorder and each personality could tell their story?????

Chelsea + Shiloh said...
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