Tuesday, June 1, 2010

As Dreams Go By

Do you remember when? You know, the Sundays when we would grab some fish and chips and a bottle of champagne and go down to the beach to watch the storm come in.

We would sit in the car in the sunshine and watch the clouds beginning to form on the far horizon. And then as we ate our food, toasted each other and had silly conversations, the clouds would begin their crawl towards us.

We could watch the rain progress like a curtain across the water.

We could watch the changing colors and texture of the sea .... well that might have just been me, I am not sure it was your thing.

We could talk of other storms and fireplaces and keeping warm.

We could hold our breath as the curtain got to the water's edge - it wasn't miles to go now, only feet - and then .....

The delicious moment when the rain hit the car.

A kiss to seal it all.

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Megan Bayliss said...

A beautiful and sensual memory. I really like how you acknowledge that your memory may not have been the same as the partners - you write as though you were one yet still different in the perspectives you may have concentrated upon.

Remember the days when we could have a drink at the beach and drive home....Oh yes, and my how times have changed. I can just see readers in years to come scratching their heads trying to make sense of scenes they will consider as drink driving - yet, to us, it was acceptable behaviour (well, not for me because I didn't drink but you know what I mean).

Mountaingirl said...

I (as the driver) only ever had one glass when we first got there - and We were always there for a minimum of three hours. There was no way I would have spoiled these days with a drink driving charge (or even just the risk of driving while borderline).

I know I go on about the changes in the world but the improved attitude towards drinking and driving is one change I am very grateful for :-)