Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Guess Who Dropped In For Breakfast?

.... well it would be you wouldn't it! I am so pleased you made it - hope you didn't have any trouble with parking. No, well that is good then.

Now can I get you an apple or orange juice to start with - I squeezed the fruit myself just before you got here. Orange, no problem here you go.

Now we have a few choices in the food department - would you prefer a fruit salad, or a homemade granola with some honey yogurt (yes I made that too). Or if you want something a bit more substantial, I can whip up some blueberry pancakes with mascapone and maple syrup. Or Eggs Benedict. Or I can do a full English fry-up.

Okay I can sit - but would you like a top up of the juice, there is a pot of coffee that is about ready - let me pour you a cup.

Okay I can sit, and do nothing. Can you tell I am nervous? It is the first time I have cooked for you. Oh, and I have toast and jam if you would prefer. Okay, just sitting and drinking my juice with you. Really? We have all day - you don't have other plans. No, it isn't a problem, I just expected ....

So tell me more about you.

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Julie G said...

MG...excellent piece, loved how it followed and I found myself filling in the blanks.

Megan Bayliss said...

What a great display of the 1950 sterotypical mother figure who is not really egocentric but appears that way because she doesn't know what to talk about - she just knows how to feed and nurture people.

I actually really like this as a piece of prose.

I love her business and fussiness and nervousness against the other person's frustration.

pita-woman said...

You really had me going there... I thought this bird really had swooped in to share your meal with you.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Love it.