Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Reality Bites

People become vegetarians for a number of reasons including those of health, religion and ethics. I went through a stage that lasted for a couple of years when I was a teen and had just visited a meat works - and another when I was working with the lovelies and their food hygiene standards (and use of lemon pepper) were questionable. Actually I only eat meat about once a week these days - and yes my reasons are both ethical and financial.

What annoys me about omnivores is those who don't acknowledge that their meat comes from a living animal. That their cut is a piece of muscle, or an organ. And the bones are from the skeletal structure of the beast. I now adopt the belief that "if you can't kill eat, don't eat it" which isn't to say we should all be out there with guns cattle rustling, more of an acknowledgement that something must die for that steak to hit the plate - and there is no point denying it or pretending otherwise.

The first time I went roo shooting I was on spotlight duty. The shots were clean and we collected a number of carcasses that night. The animals were used as dog food (it was a farm after all). What annoyed me was when one of the yahoos that was trying to impress me with his he-man status grabbed one of the joeys that were in one of the mothers who had been shot. He grabbed it by the tail, swung it and bashed it against the ute. I have no problem with killing the joey - letting it live defeated the purpose - but the callousness he displayed, the joy he displayed in making me cringe had nothing to do with anything apart from him being a pig (no offence to pigs).

If something is to die so that we may live, we should at least acknowledge the sacrifice and treat it with respect.

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Megan Bayliss said...

Good strong post that made me think. Thank God I had already had my spag bog!!!!

Both you and Julie wrote about roo shooting today...and you both displayed empathy for the Joeys. Thank you for that.

Julie G said...

In your 2nd last paragragh describing roo shooting. It sound like page from my life. I have had yobbos do that to joeys and I shoved him off the ute and made him walk home. It was my farm, my rifle, my spotlight, my roo. He was fuming and I told him to piss in the wind.
Not many people take responsibilty for their actions.
Farm life can be cruel. But we have a duty of care to help those who can't in regard to the animal kingdom.

I eat meat and lots of it and I never not think about the animal it was.

I like your voice in this piece, strong. I stand next to you here.