Thursday, June 24, 2010

Girl Power!?!

So we have a new PM. What does it mean?

Well for a start she is a woman so part of me jumps for joy with "go girl". Another part of me asks if that isn't patronizing (at least a little bit). Being a woman will affect her leadership because it affects us, her voters. Between the existing focus on her hair styles, and a woman making it in a blokes world her actions will be judged not only on their "rightness" but on how her gender imposes on it. And while Tony Abbott can be seen as the "boxer" having a swipe at Kevin Rudd, he can't he seen lobbing punches at a "girl".

Now I think it was bleeding obvious that Kev had had his run - got us through the financial crisis in a sterling manner but his micro-management style sucked and he had lost too much credibility to ever be able to claw back his popularity (two thumbs up to Tony Abbot for his Machiavellian tactics in that regard - it was a masterpiece of political theatre watching that one happen - not that I am sure Machiavelli is popular with the voters but that is another story) so change needed to happen for the sake of the ALP having any chance at the election.

On a policy level? Well we will just have to wait and see on that one. Will it encourage me to vote Labor - possibly not.

We live in interesting times .... and I am so glad that politics is one of my favorite hobbies lol


WWW said...

This put a whole new meaning to acronym PMT

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