Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hey Chickie

Hey Chickie, you going my way?
Aw, you don't have to be like that Chickie, I don't mean no harm.
So can I buy you a coffee Chickie Babe?
What about a drink?
Tomorrow, then.
Aw, Chickie, someone as beautiful as you shouldn't be saying such nasty things.
What about dinner Chickie Babe, can I take you to dinner?
Can I have your number Chickie, give you a call some time?
See this chain Chickie, it is real gold - I got dem bucks you know.
So you wanna be my Chickie babe?
No I am not following you, I am going this way Chickie, I told you I don't mean no harm.
Hey Chickie Babe, wanna walk with me?
Aw Chickie Babe, don't be like that, it aint ladylike now.
Do you smoke Chickie, can you spare a light?
Just give me ten minutes Chickie, okay give me one minute.
You're so hot Chickie Babe, don't brush me off.
Hey Chickie Babe, let me carry that for you, women like you should haven't to work like that.
You be fiiiiiine Chickie!
So you wanna be my Chickie Babe?
Don't be like that Chickie, that aint me.
So is that final Chickie?

Hey Chickie, you going my way? ....

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Julie G said...

Hey Chickie can buy me coffee any day. :)

Mountaingirl said...

lol :-)

Megan Bayliss said...

Bloody men. They are sometimes just so stereotypical and down right bantam roster dumb!

Lovely prose, Pearl.

Mountaingirl said...

I was trying out a new character :-)

Megan Bayliss said...

Then you did well. He is real and stereotypical.
I think he has black hair and wears gold chains, with his top buttons undone.

Mountaingirl said...

Snap! he does lol