Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Proposed Birthday Dinner

This is my menu (at this stage) for the dinner party for 8 of the sistas- I am trying to come up with a combination of dishes to suit a couple of vegetarian guests, those with gluten intolerance, those that don't eat mushroom (yes you know who you are - mwah) as well as my very limited time that I can stand up/move and wallet. Other considerations are over/fridge space, what to do with leftovers, serving possibilities, cooking space, serving space, serving dishes and bowls - well a whole heap of little things. Oh! - and the theme is "Italian".

Upon arrival:
Mixed bruscetta (v) (some mf)
Baked ricotta and crudites (v) (gf) (mf)

First Course:
Roasted tomato bread soup with buffalo mozzarella (v) (mf)
Italian white bean soup (v) (gf) (mf)

Slow roasted pork with apple aioli (mf) (gf)
Slow braised beef ragu with homemade pasta rags
Chicken cacciatore (gf)
Eggplant parmigiana (v) (gf) (mf)
Vegetarian lasagne or spinach cannelloni (v)
Italian roasted potatoes (v) (gf) (mf)
Italian beans and zucchini (v) (gf) (mf)
Caponata (v) (gf) (mf)
Soft polenta (v) (gf) (mf)
Garlic bread (v) (mf)

Tiramisu (v) (mf)
Pears Poached in red wine (v) gf) (mf)
Espresso creams with coffee bean toffee brittle (v) (gf) (mf)

Biscotti (v) (mf)
Brutti ma buoni ((gf) (v) mf)


pita-woman said...

Grrr, lemme try this again, stupid computer crashed a moment ago.

Anyway, as I was saying... My goodness, sounds like quite a feast, and scrumptious too. But shouldn't somebody be fixing these things for YOU since it's your birthday instead of you doing all the work?
And as for your virtual 40-day vacation, I'm going to have to extend it a few days as the batteries in my camera died over the weekend and I forgot to get news at the store Monday (and still haven't). ;)

kyles said...

I have had that conversation with MG Pita, but she's on a mission, I've never put that much planning into a meal...I'm really looking forward to it! I was going to offer to bring dessert but I didn't want to embarrass myself!